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Campaign Overview

Since our start on the University of Michigan campus in 1924, more than 1,000 men have had the honor of being initiated into the University of Michigan chapter of Triangle Fraternity. The chapter has a tradition of recruiting academically focused men who are committed to developing leadership skills that will serve them professionally and as leaders in their communities.

As we approach our centennial, Michigan Triangle continues to be a home for those studying engineering, architecture, and other STEM fields. The word "fraternity" implies brotherhood, a close group of friends sharing common interests and who live and mature together. Michigan Triangle is a true brotherhood, sharing our core values of integrity, honesty, and academic excellence.

Our Future

As the chapter approaches its centennial, Triangle faces a challenging campus landscape and evolving membership needs. To build on our chapter's proud traditions and ensure the chapter's future, the active and alumni leadership are working to address critical needs for the chapter house.

The chapter's home must be able to keep up with the dynamic changes on campus and in the workplace. Our brothers need quality facilities where they can study, complete hands-on assignments, provide for remote learning, support group study, and find flexible space for team projects.

The actives and alumni have developed a renovation plan for 1501 Washtenaw that will keep our home competitive on campus and meet the needs of the chapter for years to come. Our plan calls for improvements to life safety/fire suppression, significant changes to the basement/main floor, expansion of critically needed study areas, creation of a lab/workshop (maker space) for members to complete hands-on assignments/personal projects, updated and expanded restrooms, refreshed bedrooms, and improvements to the overall flow of the common spaces.

The active and alumni leadership believes the renovations will position the chapter for continued success. Our vision is to provide a modern home for our active brothers that makes the most of the existing footprint.

The renovations will be conducted in phases to minimize disruptions to the chapter, with a goal of completion in time for the chapter's 100th-anniversary celebrations.

Renovation costs are estimated at $3,100,000.00

To read more and to view floor plans, click the link below for our full Centennial Campaign brochure.

Securing Our Second Century

The alumni leadership is committed to ensuring that the cost of the plan does not become a burden for the chapter. Our goal is to secure at least $1,000,000 in alumni donations to help offset the cost of the renovations. While the majority of the renovation costs will be covered by chapter rent payments, we believe it is important for alumni to help secure our chapter's future.

This ambitious goal allows alumni the opportunity to give back for the experience that Triangle at the University of Michigan provided them and to ensure that the Triangle experience at the University of Michigan continues for future generations.

We have engaged the Triangle Education Foundation to staff the campaign and work with the volunteer leadership toward our goal. We plan to raise $1,000,000 in gifts by the fall of 2022. Gifts can be structured as one-time payments or payments over several years. Working with the Triangle Education Foundation provides alumni with a variety of giving opportunities, including tax-deductible giving, and the ability to make gifts directly from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) using Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), and other tax-wise ways to give. In addition, donations to the University of Michigan House Fund in the Triangle Education Foundation may qualify for employer matching gifts.

Current Progress

Video Update

For Additional Information

For additional information or to discuss a gift, please contact Triangle Education Foundation Vice President, Aaron Girson at or at 317-203-4510.

or Director of Development, Case Hamilton at or at 631-873-6419.

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